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Dolphins and Whales in Reunion

Dolphin and whale watching in Reunion

Reunion Island is certainly one of the best places for whale watching, especially humpback whales.

You don’t have the chance to see the grandiose ballet of the whales in Reunion? Make up for it with the dolphins.

Tropical Home suggests you to watch the video of the superb show of a whale in Reunion Island : click here !


You can see the whales from the beach. However, you will usually only be able to make out a flipper or a jet of air. You’ll have to go out on the water to see these magnificent marine mammals up close.


Many species of dolphins live along the coast of Reunion Island but the most common is the bottlenose dolphin. These endearing cetaceans are curious by nature and willingly approach boats.

Whale and dolphin watching period in Reunion

The best time to observe whales in Reunion is during the southern winter, from June to September. In July and August you will have the best chance of seeing these majestic cetaceans.

At this time, the whales leave the Antarctic and its cold waters. They reach the coast of Reunion Island to mate and give birth.

It is therefore not uncommon to come across a whale and its calf.

As far as dolphins are concerned, it is possible to observe them all year round. It is common to meet them at sea. If you go on a dolphin watching trip, you will have 9 chances out of 10 to see them.

Where to watch dolphins and whales in Reunion Island?

Most departures are from the port of Saint-Gilles-Bains or from Saint-Leu.

Who to go whale watching with?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of service providers offering whale and dolphin watching in Reunion Island (between 30 and 70 € per person depending on the service). Some offer observation from the boat, such as the Grand Bleu. And the diving centres will offer you the possibility to snorkel with the cetaceans.

Swimming with the whales and dolphins
  • Croisières & Découvertes Le Grand Bleu offers boat trips to observe dolphins and whales, cetacean safaris (Port de Saint-Gilles – 30 € per adult – 2 hours approx.). Exclusive -10% for Tropical Home clients!
  • Aquabulle scuba diving centre, organises whale watching trips (Saint-Leu – 45 € per person – half day).
  • Bleu Marine Réunion scuba diving centre, offers humpback whale watching trips (Port de Saint-Gilles – 50 € per person – half day).
  • Cinquième élément scuba diving centre offers swimming with cetaceans (Port de Saint-Gilles – 40 € per person – 3h).
  • Réunion plongée scuba diving centre to swim with these magnificent marine mammals (Port de Saint-Leu – 55 € per person – 3h).
  • O Sea Bleu scuba diving centre for cetacean observation trips (Port de Saint-Gilles-les-Bains – 70 € per person – 3h).

O²CR-labelled service providers (see next paragraph).

Label and approach charter

In order to respect the tranquillity of cetaceans, a whale watching charter was set up in 2009. The aim of this charter is to regulate the practice of whale watching.

A label (O²CR: Certified Responsible Observation) for cetacean watching on Reunion Island was also introduced in 2014. It is awarded to service providers offering cetacean watching to the general public. They comply with certain rules to ensure their tranquillity.

We advise you to favour structures that have it, it is a guarantee of seriousness and quality of the activity.

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