Fruits and vegetables of Reunion


Fruits and vegetables of Reunion

You will find many fruits and vegetables of Reunion Island and we advise you to go to the most beautiful markets of Reunion Island, such as the market of Saint-Paul, the market of Ermitage-les-Bains, and many others…

Fruits of Reunion island

Here is a selection of the main fruits of Reunion Island:

Pineapple Victoria:

Small and very sweet, it is considered one of the best pineapples in the world. The best season is from November to February but you can find them all year round.


In Reunion, you will find small bananas, much tastier than the big ones.

Bibasse (April to September):

Also called Japanese medlar, you will often find it in the composition of certain arranged rums.


Carambole (February to July):

Its rather bland taste makes it a fruit generally used for decoration because by cutting it up, you will obtain pretty stars!


Passion Fruit (grenadelle):

Often appreciated for its tangy taste, you will also find it in punch preparations.

Guava tree (june):

This fruit is similar to a large currant. It is eaten as is, but you can also find it in fruit juice, jam or ice cream.

Guava fruits and vegetables of Reunion island
Guava – Goyavier


It is the fruit of the jackfruit tree and can weigh up to 10 kilos… When ripe, it is eaten like a fruit. Before maturity, it is eaten finely chopped and is usually cooked as a vegetable with pork.

Jaque in reunion island
Jacque fruit

Letchi (November to January):

Those who have tasted the letchis of Reunion Island will tell you that they are delicious!

Longani (February to March):

The longani physically resembles a brown letchi. It is less fleshy than the letchi.

Mango (November to February):

You will find many varieties of mango in Réunion : the José mango, the Carrot mango eaten green with a little salt, the American mango, the Auguste mango…


It is usually eaten with lemon.

Fruits and vegetables of Reunion Island


Bean-shaped fruit with a very tart and sweet taste. You will often find it in syrup.

Tamarin Reunion Island

Tangor Orange:

It is the local orange which is very juicy.

Vegetables from La Réunion


These are leaves that come from certain vegetables or plants. They are usually eaten as a fricassee.


The local name for aubergine. In rougail, it’s excellent!


Also called Chayotte in mainland France or Christophine in the West Indies, it is the star vegetable of Salazie. The chouchou is eaten in salads or au gratin.

Chouchou in Reunion Island


The lentils of Cilaos, small and very tasty, are very famous.


The palmiste is a palm tree whose heart is consumed. It is a rare and therefore expensive food. It is usually eaten in salads or au gratin..

Enjoy tasting the fruits and vegetables of Reunion during your stay on the island!

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