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The most beautiful beaches of Reunion Island

The most beautiful beaches of Reunion Island

Enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Reunion Island, located mainly on the west coast of the island!

Learn everything about the beaches where you can swim safely in Reunion Island!

Boucan-Canot Beach

Boucan-Canot has one of the most beautiful beaches in Reunion Island, with its large white sand beach.

You will safely enjoy swimming in the Indian Ocean. An anti-shark net has been installed since 2018

One of the most beautiful beaches of Reunion Island

You will also enjoy the natural swimming pool of Boucan Canot, a seawater swimming pool protected by rocks which allows swimming in complete safety.

Enjoy lots of bars and restaurants along the beach. You can drink a cocktail or eat an ice cream in front of the indian ocean.

Boucan Canot beach

Grand-Fond Beach

Grand-Fond beach is a pretty white sand beach. It is wilder than Boucan-Canot beach and more quiet. There are wonderful houses along this beach. A perfect spot to walk along the beach at sunset!

Grand Fond beach

Roches Noires Beach

There is an anti-shark net on Roches Noires Beach. You will enjoy this beach in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains downtown close to the marina.

Roches Noires beach

Close to the beach, there is a place “esplanade des Roches Noires” with many restaurants and bars in front of the indian Ocean. A perfect place for the sunset.

Brisants Beach

Brisants Beach is a wonderful white sand beach near the Saint-Gilles-les-Bains marina. You cannot swim here, on the right side of the beach but you can have a drink at “Le Sauvage” restaurant, a really nice spot.

The most beautiful beaches in Reunion Island with Tropical Home

Ermitage Beach

Ermitage beach is a wonderful beach on Reunion Island. With its 7 kilometers of white sand, you will enjoy the lagoon, an area protected by the coral reef. It is the perfect spot for children with its shallow water.

le magnifique lagon de l'Ermitage les Bains à la Réunion

Here snorkeling with multicolored fishes is a really nice!

The water temperature of the lagoon is warmer than that of the ocean due to the shallow depth (1 to 2 meters of water). The lagoon water temperature is between 23°C during the austral winter (May to September) and 30°C during the austral summer (October to April).

Saline-les-Bains Beach

The beach and lagoon of Saline-les-bains is only an extension of the beach of Ermitage.

Saline les bains beach and lagoon

You can enjoy the lagoon with some water activities (such as paddle or kayak).

Trou d’Eau Beach

Trou d’Eau beach is the extension of Saline-les-Bains beach.

You can enjoy some water activities too.

Saint-Leu Beach

In Saint-Leu, there are two beaches where you can swim: Citerne 46 and downtown beach. Protected by small lagoons, you will enjoy swimming in complete safety.

Étang-Salé Beach

Here there is no white sand, only black sand which can be very hot. There is a swimming area protected by a small coral reef on the south of the beach. There is a few restaurants and snack bars.

Be careful, it is forbidden to swim on the north of the beach.

Saint-Pierre Beach

Saint-Pierre beach is in Saint-Pierre downtown with many shops and restaurants along. It is a large area of white sand protected by a lagoon. Don’t miss snorkeling to see multicolored fishes.

Grande-Anse Beach

Grande-Anse beach is a paradise with its white sand, its waves and coconut palms. In the south of the island, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Reunion. Unfortunately you can only swim in a pool set up between the rocks to the south of the beach.

Grande Anse beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Reunion Island

Manapany-les-Bains Beach

Manapany-les-Bains beach offers a wild setting in Saint-Joseph. You can swim in a large pool made up of volcanic rocks.

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